HYIP (High Yield Investment Program)

Those people looking for way to change their finincial life often look to Hyip’s because of the high gains in a short period of time.  99% or more of the time these are all scams and you WILL loose your money in the end.

“Most” of HYIPs offer is completely impossible in trading around the world, it’s just not possible!
When you deposit money in the scam website account , they must exchange the money to cash and trade with your cash to make you profit , so why do you think that you can make money by online investment in one day ?

It’s simply NOT possible to get interest 10% per day, forget about hourly because that’s completely bullshit!

If you loose money because you are naive, all these websites which offer VIP plan for example 444% after 4 days or 10 days even in 2 months  is completely unacceptable.

You are playing a game which you are the looser , not any forex, stocks or trade can make such high interest in couple days.

When you see some online investments sites last so long because they offer intellectual profits which is less that 1% for small money per day. Yes that profit is intellectual but if you think that you can double or triple you money in month, it’s just not gonna happen.

Please step forward wisely , we are here to help you invest safely.

Please don’t invest in any website more than 50 usd , we are searching around to study about them but all of them are fake all addresses phones certificates and … are fake.

Now lets talk about HYIP Monitors.  Hyip monitors are a scam in themselves, most all Hyip monitors will list any program a “Paying” as long as you pay their fee.  I know it’s freakin’ crazy but it’s true.  For the most reliable HYIP monitor check out this link, it will open in a new window.

MNO Monitor

Look at the top of the page for links…


This will give you a basic idea of any HYIP listed on MNO, most are not listed and now you know why, they are scams.

Just be warned, just because a program is listed as paying does NOT mean it will turn to scam the next day.  Most scam sites do not last more than 6 to 7 months.

Now I would like to share with you what is working right now so you can actually earn some money online! It’s about time, am I right?

What is Paying?



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